• The All Too Tattered, Well-Used Rocking Chair

    One of my favorite things about being a mom has been soaking up those precious moments snuggling with my daughters in the all too tattered and well-used rocking chair. With a six-year-old and a three-year-old, our moments spent together in this chair are happening less often.  Yet my husband and I still can’t bring ourselves […]

  • Ornithophobia – Fear of Birds

    I am afraid of birds.  (and mice, those jumping spider things in the basement, and bones…)  But birds is a big one.  One I have to deal with very frequently.  I mean – pigeons are everywhere.  All the time.  Flying, shitting, pecking… UGH.  I hate pigeons. Check out this video: Sometimes I can see some […]

  • Great Arts and Crafts Supplies for in the Classroom or Rainy Day Fun

    Whether for use in the classroom or at home to help complete homework and various other projects parents often find themselves looking for good arts and crafts supplies for their kids. It is not just for school purposes either.   Many of us can remember whiling away a rainy day making all kinds of things […]

  • Where to Find Free and Affordable Homeschooling Supplies

    Homeschooling is an option that is open to parents in all states and one that is being utilized more frequently these days. To undertake to homeschool a child is a huge commitment, not only of time but of resources as well. All of the supplies that might usually be provided for a student by their […]

  • Home Schooling; A Viable Alternative to Conventional Education

    Statistics show that elementary homeschooling is the ideal time to start a homeschooling program for a child. Children who enter homeschooling during the elementary years are the students that tend to succeed the most. Throughout the course of their homeschooling, these children will reach the highest level of academics when compared to the national average. […]

  • Changing Habits

    Habits are very good things or are very bad things. For home Internet businesses they should be good things if you are going to be a success. The thing about habits whether they good or bad it’s very difficult to overcome them. Why is this? HOW HABITS DRIVE US Habits are driven by your subconscious, […]

  • Utah’s voucher law: the war against public education

    When future historians write the timeline of the slow destruction of one of America’s most important institutions—free public education—they may trace the beginning of the end to February 12, 2007. On that day, America’s religious right won a major victory in its jihad against public education: Utah Governor Jon Huntsman signed into law a bill […]

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