Where to Find Free and Affordable Homeschooling Supplies

Homeschooling is an option that is open to parents in all states and one that is being utilized more frequently these days. To undertake to homeschool a child is a huge commitment, not only of time but of resources as well. All of the supplies that might usually be provided for a student by their school have to be purchased by the parents, which is often a more expensive undertaking than they may have thought.

Homeschooling supplies include textbooks, basics like pens, pencils, and notebooks and often various other extras that help parents fulfill the curriculum requirements that the states set for children who are being homeschooled.

Saving Money on Homeschooling Supplies

Since there are more and more children being educated outside of a traditional classroom setting,  a number of companies sell homeschool supplies at a discount offering a break to parents who have to make these investments.

Here are some of the places we found online that offer homeschool supplies at very reasonable prices:

Homeschoolingsupplies.com – The company that runs this very large site has been in the homeschooling business almost since before there really was one worth mentioning. Mott Media has been in business since 1974 and were one of the first to begin publishing textbooks and other homeschooling supplies to meet what was, back then, a demand just beginning to grow.

Homeschoolingsupplies.com specializes in selling packages that contain all of the educational materials needed to meet the curriculum of a whole school year’s worth of study, something that saves parents a great deal of time as well as money on homeschooling supplies.

Lovetolearn.net – This website and company is a run by a family who has been homeschooling their own children for over 2o years and that experience is reflected not only in the quality of the homeschooling supply packages they offer but in the wealth of other useful information that is available at no cost on their site, designed to help parents who are new to homeschooling.

Finding Free Homeschooling supplies

Every parent appreciates the chance to save money and for homeschooling parents, there are a growing number of resources, especially online, that can help them do just that by offering free homeschooling supplies, mainly in the form of free downloads and free printable sheets. Both thehomeschoolmom.com and newfreedownloads.com offer a great many free homeschooling supplies that can prove invaluable to parents who have chosen to educate their kids themselves.

Although there is not, and probably never will be, any financial help available to homeschooling parents from the government there are a growing number of not for profit agencies who offer help to parents who are struggling to meet the cost of homeschooling supplies but who still want to educate their kids themselves. homeschoolfoundation.org is one of the largest and a good place to start if you are finding the burden of paying for homeschooling supplies a little too much which can cause some real stress.