Adventure of moving

Friday night we still hadn’t heard from our movers to confirm their intended arrival on Saturday morning, even though they’d said they would call us and find out where to put their truck, etc. Finally, I called them at 7 am on Saturday morning and they sounded like they thought I was nuts for worrying.

There were four lightbulbs burned out at our new place. Call me crazy, but when you leave an apartment, isn’t it somewhat expected that you’ll leave operational lights? Don’t you think the landlord would have taken care of that? One of the lightbulbs was jammed in so tightly that the glass part came out, leaving the metal part in the socket, and in the other light fixture there was no glass, just the metal part left. We tried prying them out with needle-nosed pliers but the cheap-ass metal just started falling apart. Greeeeat.

We started doing loads of laundry on Sunday morning before I’d had my shower, and all the hot water was gone, so I had to go back to the old place and have a shower before I started my errands.

IVAR sucks.

I feel very shell-shocked and discombobulated from the whole weekend. Things are in a state of unfinishedness all over the place, and it’s driving me insane. Nothing is where I expect it to be located, and everything takes three times longer than I expected because I have to find new things.

There are about ten different phone sockets in our new house, and only one of them works so far. We didn’t actually have telephone service until 7 am on Sunday morning, and my cell phone ran out of batteries.

My mom was a fantastic help for most of the move. The one drawback was that she doesn’t have the Ikea-furniture-putting-together experience that someone of my own generation would have, so for an unfortunate amount of time on Sunday all she could do was hang around watching while we swore at the IVAR, and asking us things like do we really use this dirty tea towel or if it’s just a rag? (OK OK I know it’s time to get new tea towels).

I really should have called out for reinforcements, but the address book and my Palm Pilot were buried and the computer still isn’t hooked up so I don’t have anyone’s phone numbers, nor any way to email people.

I’m trying not to think about all the things we still have to do or buy to get settled.

As much as it was nice to have the professional movers this time around, I also can’t help but feel like this was one of the most stressful moves I’ve ever done. This is very amusing because I think that geographically it is the shortest move I’ve ever done.

I’ve had a headache since Thursday evening. I’m sure in a couple of days my blood pressure will return to normal. Sometime around when the lightbulbs start working again, we figure out what all the light switches in the kitchen are for, and the cats stop yowling like we’ve slaughtered kittens in the closet.