Capturing Happiness

Our family just experienced one of those weeks.  The kind where maybe not everything goes perfectly… but everything is somehow perfect anyway.  In the midst of our move and the furlough (yes, I was impacted), we took off for a week on the West Coast.  We had begun planning our trip long before we knew of my little passenger, and therefore the move.  So the timing wasn’t perfect – except that actually it was.

With so very much going on in our lives this past month, we desperately needed our trip together.  So on Thursday the 10th, we flew to Los Angeles to see my parents and their new place.  It was my first time in California, and I was very excited to see what all the fuss is about!  We spent a day in Santa Barbara, a morning at the Farmer’s Market, an afternoon at the La Brea Tar Pits, and a few brief moments at the Will Rogers State Park on the drive home.  I can’t say that I’ve been inspired to shed my East Coast ways and move across the country, but I was in awe of the mountains abutting the ocean.

After a quick visit, Nate and I continued our adventure to Las Vegas – yet another city I hadn’t yet visited!  Gavin and Laura stayed in LA with my parents for their own adventure, while Nate and I got some serious one on one time that we so badly needed.

Are all of our worldly problems solved after one week basking in each others company?  Hardly.  But what a wonderful chance for us to catch up, really talk, and set aside some of the stress of the past few weeks.  As we got ready for dinner Wednesday night, we heard the news that the furlough had ended (for now), and that I’d be able to head back to work again after our break.  A huge stress relief in itself.  We still have a lot going on (finish make the house our home, host both a birthday party and Thanksgiving within days, Christmas…), but we have all of that going on together.  As a family.

So while I could have FILLED this post with all of the wonderful photos during our week, I leave you with one.  The picture that brings me the most joy from our family vacation.  The photo of us all together, barefoot in the sand, shivering, smiling and happy.