Ornithophobia – Fear of Birds-What You Need to Know

I am afraid of birds. (and mice, those jumping spider things in the basement, and bones…) But birds is a big one. One I have to deal with very frequently. I mean – pigeons are everywhere. All the time. Flying, shitting, pecking… UGH. I hate pigeons.

Check out this video:

Sometimes I can see some fancy looking bird and think “Ok, at least that one has some pretty coloring.” And then it up and spreads its wings to fly. Or stretches a weird, feathery, taloned foot out. Or pecks at something. Then I remember how horrible and terrible and terrifying birds are.

But I really didn’t want my fear to affect my children’s attitudes towards birds. So I have been really conscious of my fear and hatred of birds in front of the kids. Or so I thought until we went to the Santa Barbara Zoo last week.
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Changing Habits

Habits are very good things or are very bad things. For home Internet businesses they should be good things if you are going to be a success. The thing about habits whether they good or bad it’s very difficult to overcome them. Why is this?


Habits are driven by your subconscious, which is basically your outlook on life and is emotion based. Your outlook creates your attitude, actions and your results and in the end is your life. So it follows if you are going to be a success you have to have good habits.

And each bad habit adds to the negativity you are carrying around. The ability to be successful basically boils down to simple choices in order to earn extra money. Your choices are yours to control, we all know what the correct choice is in most situations.

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Consequences of Facebooking Your Parents & Other Facebook Sins

Long gone are the days of Facebook being a student-only club.  If you’re a student there’s a good chance your parents have got a Facebook account too.  But when it comes to friending your mum or dad, do you accept or decline?

Let me take you back to my student years…..it was a fun, crazy, rollercoaster ride of an experience.  Facebook played an important and sometimes obsessive role for keeping in touch with friends back home and connecting with new buddies on my course.   Never at any point have I even thought about adding my parents on Facebook, a point I made very clear to them!   Years have passed and I still don’t feel like I want to add my mum or dad as a friend, even though they have sent a request many times!

How do you feel about this?  92% of parents who use social media are Facebook friends with their kids.  Am I the odd one out? Anyway, 1 in 3 teens says they are embarrassed by parents comments.

More Facebook Sins

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30 Things No One Tells You About Before You Get Pregnant

As a past member of certain “mom” forums and birth boards, I’ve always seen moms speaking of their ailments and then following up with one of two questions: “Am I the only one?” or “Is this normal?”

Most of the time, the answers are “No, you’re not the only one,” and “Yes, it’s completely normal.” So why are these things happening and surprising the heck out of expectant first time [and sometimes not first time] moms? Because no one talks about it!

Let me tell you. The day I woke up to find two wet patches on my shirt and a soaked bed sheet strategically where my nipples were, I was worried, confused and then a little amused. But I wanted to know why no one ever told me something like that could happen during pregnancy! So here it is, my list of things that no one tells you about before you get pregnant!

The Things No One Tells You About Before You Get Pregnant

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Adventure of moving

Friday night we still hadn’t heard from our movers to confirm their intended arrival on Saturday morning, even though they’d said they would call us and find out where to put their truck, etc. Finally, I called them at 7 am on Saturday morning and they sounded like they thought I was nuts for worrying.

There were four lightbulbs burned out at our new place. Call me crazy, but when you leave an apartment, isn’t it somewhat expected that you’ll leave operational lights? Don’t you think the landlord would have taken care of that? One of the lightbulbs was jammed in so tightly that the glass part came out, leaving the metal part in the socket, and in the other light fixture there was no glass, just the metal part left. We tried prying them out with needle-nosed pliers but the cheap-ass metal just started falling apart. Greeeeat.

We started doing loads of laundry on Sunday morning before I’d had my shower, and all the hot water was gone, so I had to go back to the old place and have a shower before I started my errands.

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I have a thing for autumn leaves.  The color, the smell, the crunch.  I think it stems from my early childhood living in Florida and visiting grandparents in New York and Massachusetts.  We would fly up for a visit and see the trees in flaming oranges and reds.  Trees – so foreign in my earliest memories.  My books all showed trees with puffy green branches.  The trees at my grandparents’ houses were anything but.

On one trip North when I was in preschool, my mom helped me pick the prettiest leaves from my grandmother’s yard.  We ironed them between two sheets of waxed paper so their vibrant colors would last forever.  When we got back to Florida, I brought the leaves into school for show-and-tell.  Each of my classmates got to take one leaf home with them.  Those leaves were such a novelty for us.

A few years later, my family moved to Connecticut.  We had an enormous yard; a clearing surrounded by a small woods.  We moved in the middle of winter, so we had almost lived at that house a full year when we first saw the enchanted forest around our house burst into color.  When those leaves fell, we had mountains of leaves to play in.  We would rake them into enormous piles, set the rakes to the side, and dive in head first.  The leaves were so numerous, we could swim through them.  We would play for hours until our piles were flattened and scattered, where we’d leave them to rake up again the next day.  That was the best yard I have ever seen.

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Capturing Happiness

Our family just experienced one of those weeks.  The kind where maybe not everything goes perfectly… but everything is somehow perfect anyway.  In the midst of our move and the furlough (yes, I was impacted), we took off for a week on the West Coast.  We had begun planning our trip long before we knew of my little passenger, and therefore the move.  So the timing wasn’t perfect – except that actually it was.

With so very much going on in our lives this past month, we desperately needed our trip together.  So on Thursday the 10th, we flew to Los Angeles to see my parents and their new place.  It was my first time in California, and I was very excited to see what all the fuss is about!  We spent a day in Santa Barbara, a morning at the Farmer’s Market, an afternoon at the La Brea Tar Pits, and a few brief moments at the Will Rogers State Park on the drive home.  I can’t say that I’ve been inspired to shed my East Coast ways and move across the country, but I was in awe of the mountains abutting the ocean.

After a quick visit, Nate and I continued our adventure to Las Vegas – yet another city I hadn’t yet visited!  Gavin and Laura stayed in LA with my parents for their own adventure, while Nate and I got some serious one on one time that we so badly needed.

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Lots of Love :)

It’s a rainy, dreary day here in Maryland, which makes me a little bummed about trick-or-treating tomorrow night… Let’s hope it clears, because I did not lovingly sew – on a sewing machine! – two costumes to be covered by raincoats!  But I may day was brightened when I read Megan’s post at Heartbeats and Little Feet today!  Thanks for the Liebster Award, Megan!


So here are “the rules”
1. Thank the blogger that nominated you.
2. Answer the questions given by the blogger who nominated you.
3. Nominate 5-11 bloggers with fewer than 200 followers and give them questions to answer.

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We Need to Practice Our L’s

Oh, the glory and wonder of the iPhone video capabilities, with that swivel option so you can see yourself on the screen!  I have Laura on my lap, trying to get her to record a message to her new cousin.  Which is something in itself, since Laura isn’t exactly speaking in messages yet.

So I have Laura on my lap, asking her to repeat words like some sort of parrot, when she sees herself on the screen.  Shock!  Awe!  And instead of answering my stupid promptings, she breaks into song.  About herself. Cute, right?  Because I am just about dying of laughter over here.  Or should I say “yaughter?”  We really need to start practicing those La la la sounds.  If you are wondering?  We did eventually record a very sweet message for Cousin Elizabeth.  On the sixth take.

The same, but different

Hello, hello!

I’m here, writing to you, from my NEW WordPress blog!  This is very exciting times, people.  And also?  A little daunting.  I am faced with a very different interface than with Blogger.  It’s going to take some getting used to!  But change is good.

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Christmas Survey

1. Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate?  Both!  At the same time!  I love making hot chocolate (Swiss Miss, of course), and adding a little egg nog to top it off.  Try it – it’s delicious!

2. Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree?  Santa presents are unwrapped.  That man does not have enough time to wrap and label presents for every child!  He’s a visual guy, and all about the delivery!

3. Colored lights on tree/house or white?  Both on the tree, colored on the house.  I grew up with white on the house, but colored fits our family (and style of home) so  much better!

4. Do you hang mistletoe?  Nope.  I don’t need excuses to kiss my hubby!

5. When do you put your decorations up?  Growing up, it was the day after Thanksgiving, and not a moment too soon.  But since my family is usually on the road for Thanksgiving, we wait till the minute we are home and able.

6. What is your favorite Christmas dish?  Breakfast Casserole on Christmas morning is up there!  I never enjoyed the goose my father cooked for dinner, but everything else was always delicious.

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