Give kids space

I had two couple of friends coming to visit me. They were eager to meet my 5-year old, and I could take the chance to meet them first and tell them a little about how to deal with her.

“She doesn’t like to be called a princess, beautiful, or ugly. She doesn’t like any attention from strangers. She won’t say hello or goodbye, I’m sorry if she looks uneducated at first, she is just really sensitive to meeting new people. Don’t even think about touching her¨.

They understood, as they are parents of grown children and had their own stories on the matter.

Then, we picked Luísa up and went for a pizza. As expected, Luísa didn’t talk to them or look at them much. When she asked for the salt and one of them passed it, she said in a low voice: ¨Mom, I asked YOU for the salt¨. Usually, she won’t take anything from a stranger´s hand.

My friend apologized: ¨I´m sorry, I won´t bother you anymore.¨ It was a pleasant night, and soon Luísa was sleeping in my lap.

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The reality of it all

My oldest friend and I got pregnant with our firsts within two months of each other, and although I was envious that being eight weeks ahead of me she got to be un-pregnant first, I was secretly relieved that she delivered first because I wanted to know exactly what I was in for. Being my oldest friend, I knew she’d spare no detail.

“What was it like?” I asked her when she called to share the happy news – she’d had a baby girl. I was perched on the edge of the couch nibbling nervously on the phone cord. “Did it hurt?”

“It wasn’t that bad,” she said. She offered a few details but insisted that it wasn’t a big deal at all. “You’ll do fine,” she reassured me, and I believed her.

It’s true, I did fine. Julia’s delivery wasn’t one that you’d see on an episode of A Baby Story – it had more downs than ups – but I got through it. However, it was nothing like I’d expected it to be and afterward, I was kind of pissed at my friend for so obviously leaving out the nitty-gritty.

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Nursing Mom Story

I had been working as a nurse on the Mother-Baby unit for two years when Terry was born. It a different kind of feeling when you get to hold your brand new baby for the first time and the first thought that pops into your head is “Hmmm. He looks like he has Down Syndrome.” The nurse, who was one of my friends, took him to the nursery and when she returned, I asked her if she thought he looked like he had Down Syndrome.

Everyone in the room stopped and stared at me. She said that they were talking about it in the nursery. The next day he had his echocardiogram and his heart was normal, so I convinced myself that I was being paranoid. The day after we went home from the hospital we got the call from the pediatrician–despite his doubts, Terry has trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome).

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The All Too Tattered, Well-Used Rocking Chair

One of my favorite things about being a mom has been soaking up those precious moments snuggling with my daughters in the all too tattered and well-used rocking chair.

With a six-year-old and a three-year-old, our moments spent together in this chair are happening less often. Yet my husband and I still can’t bring ourselves to remove this piece of furniture from our home or our lives.

When we moved Abby from her crib to a big girl bed, we were forced to move the rocking chair out of her room.  There just wasn’t enough space for it there. Now it sits in our living room near my computer desk.

From time to time, my husband will plop down and rock, chatting with me while I’m typing away. And every once in a while I will sit there alone in my thoughts and sway comfortably in the sun that’s shining through the window over the cozy, torn cushions.

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Changing Habits

Habits are very good things or are very bad things. For home Internet businesses they should be good things if you are going to be a success. The thing about habits whether they good or bad it’s very difficult to overcome them. Why is this?


Habits are driven by your subconscious, which is basically your outlook on life and is emotion based. Your outlook creates your attitude, actions and your results and in the end is your life. So it follows if you are going to be a success you have to have good habits.

And each bad habit adds to the negativity you are carrying around. The ability to be successful basically boils down to simple choices in order to earn extra money. Your choices are yours to control, we all know what the correct choice is in most situations.

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Adventure of moving

Friday night we still hadn’t heard from our movers to confirm their intended arrival on Saturday morning, even though they’d said they would call us and find out where to put their truck, etc. Finally, I called them at 7 am on Saturday morning and they sounded like they thought I was nuts for worrying.

There were four lightbulbs burned out at our new place. Call me crazy, but when you leave an apartment, isn’t it somewhat expected that you’ll leave operational lights? Don’t you think the landlord would have taken care of that? One of the lightbulbs was jammed in so tightly that the glass part came out, leaving the metal part in the socket, and in the other light fixture there was no glass, just the metal part left. We tried prying them out with needle-nosed pliers but the cheap-ass metal just started falling apart. Greeeeat.

We started doing loads of laundry on Sunday morning before I’d had my shower, and all the hot water was gone, so I had to go back to the old place and have a shower before I started my errands.

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Your Real Money Online Making Methods

As a long journey starts with a single step, let’s start!

When I first entered the “make money online” industry, I was totally confused as I see so many articles about this topic (we call this information overloaded??). Each article was written in a different way (they are unique!) and most of them was written in details about one particular method so it’s very difficult to have a big picture of the so-called “ you can make money on the Internet”, include facing scammed information as well (so sad…).

Therefore , I will write a series about what I have learnt, step by step, so that you can understand and follow easily if you’re new, or you can just have a good look into this part of the Internet as well.

And this is the first one: (sorry if I talk so much above!)

After days of investigating and studying, I came up with this:

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How to Get to and Maintain a Higher Level of Motivation

With such treacherous terrains to maneuver through in life, we have to stay fueled from the right source in order to maintain a balance of motivation. And just as every car manufacturer recommends a certain grade of octane in order to properly power an engine; we have to properly power our motivational level with the right type of fuel. If the recommendation is premium-grade, but a lower quality is used over time, the engine will eventually break down. Fuel for motivation works the same way.

The Motivation for this Article

In recent weeks I’ve received a number of emails asking me for tips on maintaining a high-level motivation. I find this question challenging to answer because I believe our motivation is driven by personal factors; what is important to me may not be important to someone else. Continue reading

How to choose a theme for your Blog.

We are stepping into the next phase of creating a blog which is Blog Design. Today, the topic is about choosing a theme for your blog. Actually, it is your first impression and you can’t go for long with an extra amazing theme.

In this post

  • *Importance of a good theme
  • *Things to look for
  • *Things to avoid
  • *Choosing one for your blog
  • After reading this, you will
  • *Understand its importance
  • *Differentiate between good and bad theme
  • *Can choose one

Importance of a good theme

Introduction A Blog Theme is a preset package containing graphical appearance details, used to customize the look and feel of a blog. (WikiPedia)

It is also known as a web template. It is normally used to increase the design limits and to show up a better blog. Some blogs use templates made by their designers (specialists) and most of the blogs use templates specially made for public (distribution or sale at a low price).

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