Changing Habits

Habits are very good things or are very bad things. For home Internet businesses they should be good things if you are going to be a success. The thing about habits whether they good or bad it’s very difficult to overcome them. Why is this?


Habits are driven by your subconscious, which is basically your outlook on life and is emotion based. Your outlook creates your attitude, actions and your results and in the end is your life. So it follows if you are going to be a success you have to have good habits.

And each bad habit adds to the negativity you are carrying around. The ability to be successful basically boils down to simple choices in order to earn extra money. Your choices are yours to control, we all know what the correct choice is in most situations.

The issue is why do we make the wrong ones? It’s because often it’s easier to go with our bad habit than to stop, think and make the right choice. The good news is when we keep making the right choice it becomes a good habit.


So how do people develop good habits? The answer is ‘awareness’. We must first become aware of our habits before we can change them. So practice becoming aware of your habits.

When you are in the shop and pick up the chocolate bar instead of the piece of fruit for your snack ask yourself, is this helping me on the path to better health? Then pick up the piece of fruit instead, and remind yourself this is your first step on the path to a healthy lifestyle. This will result in new better habits being formed.

You will be unable to change all your bad habits overnight, however being aware of them enables you to know which ones to focus on.

I hope you found this article useful and if you did feel free to share it and I particularly welcome comments.


Have you ever walked past a sandwich shop and seen a small line of people waiting to be served and thought, ‘That must be a decent place’ and joined the queue? Well, this is a way of earning more money. You can create a queue for your product or service. You can even create a virtual queue in someone’s mind.


For the purposes of this post, a queue is a way of making your product, or service appear popular to someone so that they will come back again and hopefully increase your income by purchasing something.

So how do you create a queue on the Internet? Well, you create remarkable content so that people like what they see and they come back. The ‘queue’ is formed in their minds as follows.

The first time they visit they are the only person in the queue, so they are unsure how good your offer is. They like what they see however they have yet to decide to buy. So they come back a second time, this second visit means they are second in line, behind themselves in the first visit. They like what you have produced, they visit more than one page and are tempted however still resist buying. They come back a third time and they are now third in line behind themselves; they are becoming a fan of your offer.

It has been estimated it will take on average 7 visits to your site before someone commits to buying. In other words, the average length of your virtual queue is 7 visits.


To make extra money you can shorten the queue. This means making really compelling content in more than one place that drives people to your site. So this would be videos on several sites, articles, a Blog with a request to new visitors subscribe to your RSS feed, Podcasts that are all really targeted at the niche in the market you are going for.

In addition, make sure you provide a good reason for people to buy from you, this means spelling out the benefits clearly on your sales page. In this way, you can aim to provide such a compelling reason someone should buy from you in less than 7 visits.