Checking in with {the littles} and {the middle}

I was going through photos yesterday and realized life had gotten way too Senior Ball/Graduation/College Searchy.  I decided I needed new pics of the Littles and the Middle — especially the Middle, because I rarely take photos of him or TeenTwo.

That’s Little in the top photo.  We’re in her Gramma’s backyard and she’s seething under that smile because she’s wearing that denim dress and would much rather be wearing some sort of t-shirt and Aerosmith-tight black leggings.  She’s also unaccustomed to hair styles, but TeenOne got her mitts on her and made a sweet braided ponytail.  Isn’t wearing an uncomfortable get up to your Grandparents’ house sort of a rite of passage?  I feel like I was helping her in some way.  Or, you know…  making the photo better?  I love the way you can see her new freckles.

Next we have Littlest.  That is the most photographed kid in the county, I follow him around like I’m filming a documentary for PBS.  The thing I love about this photo is his genuine desire for me to GO AWAY.  He usually loves hamming it up, but the comic was apparently more entertaining than I thought.  He has some new permanent front teeth and they make him look awkward and growny.  So, I’m OK with the comic-as-shield for this one.

Finally, Middler.  He’s fairly bashful so this was the only “true” photo I got.  The others are head-ducking, blurry, avoiding, blushfully awkward.  This photo is how he “really” looks, once he’s settled into the idea of standing still.   The haircut is brand new, only a few hours old, really.  Funny to see his ears again.

TeenOne’s Senior Banquet happened last weekend in San Francisco — and it was different from my Senior Ball in every way.

I have no recollection whatsoever WHERE my prom was, but they did a cheesy photo background to make us THINK it was in San Francisco…  In those days, we all hit the hair salons and paid for ridiculous hair-sprayed tanks of perm fluff. Our jewelry was from Contempo Casuals, our dresses were from the Gunny Sax outlet, and the boys were hit with an expensive dinner and a limo. Poor guys.

Not so, the girls of today. First of all, they have much better taste than we had. You won’t see any stiff hair — they’re all about “messy buns,” and Pinterest-dos. They have the heels from hell but usually pack a pair of sparkly flats or flip-flops. These girls don’t even carry a bag, just their cell phones.

Geniuses. What was wrong with us in the 80s?

Don’t answer that.

TeenOne and her friends got ready for prom in a huge hotel room in the city. They did each other’s hair. They helped each other with makeup, including big spidery false eyelashes. They loaned flat irons, and bobby pins.

They were even ready on time.

It was the post peaceful prom I’d ever seen. And? They didn’t even worry about dates! Each of these girls went solo, and it didn’t phase them a bit.

They call each other the “Mains,” as in main friends. Too cool to even use the term, “Bestie.”

Mean Girls? Nowhere in sight.

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