How to choose a theme for your Blog.

We are stepping into the next phase of creating a blog which is Blog Design. Today, the topic is about choosing a theme for your blog. Actually, it is your first impression and you can’t go for long with an extra amazing theme.

In this post

  • *Importance of a good theme
  • *Things to look for
  • *Things to avoid
  • *Choosing one for your blog
  • After reading this, you will
  • *Understand its importance
  • *Differentiate between good and bad theme
  • *Can choose one

Importance of a good theme

Introduction A Blog Theme is a preset package containing graphical appearance details, used to customize the look and feel of a blog. (WikiPedia)

It is also known as a web template. It is normally used to increase the design limits and to show up a better blog. Some blogs use templates made by their designers (specialists) and most of the blogs use templates specially made for public (distribution or sale at a low price).

It is basically a frame for your blog. You can customize the appearance of that template to suit the personality of your blog.


You can’t go without a theme unless you are are a designer (most of you aren’t), & you may need one if you are a designer because you can’t design something compared to the templates made by a specialist (their’s are made keeping needs of users in mind). Imagine a house without paint and proper designing, your blog is the same without a theme. In short, it is must for your blog and you have to select one in all conditions.

Things to adopt and avoid

There are many things for which you should look for and things which you should avoid to get your readers stay on your blog. (Do you know, readers fly away within seconds if you have a bad blog design/template).

Things to look for

Try to make sure you look for the following things before you select a theme.

1) Basic Design

Look if the basic design is good and customizable. Basic design means the design shown on the demo page of that template. Ask yourself if you are good with that template or want to select a new one, if you think your blog fits best in that theme (after a little color customization). Also make sure you can customize it easily (without going into the code editor). If all is well, that one is good for the next test.

2) SEO

You would be thinking that what is the relation of design with search engine optimization? Actually there are many things to take care of when writing the code of a template to make it optimized for search engines. Make sure your template is ready for it (look in the documentation or on the page of that theme).

3) Main Background

Look if the background is light or dark. Think about one which best suits your blog. What will be the effect on the readability in dark/light background? It depends on your niche so I can’t recommend one. If your blog is related with tips and tricks, health or education, you should use light background (light Grey works best) & if your blog deals with gaming, heavy sports or photography, you should use dark backgrounds.

4) Ease of Navigation

Try to choose a template which have ease of navigation. Ease of Navigation means that your reader’s won’t have to find what they are looking for (instead, every thing should be provided on the best position).

Things to avoid

Try to choose a theme which don’t have the following things.

1) Complicated Sidebar

Complicated sidebar is a mess. If you have great content, big experience, and neat main page but lack good sidebar, your blog is gonna die. When choosing a theme, make sure the sidebar is good and doesn’t appears to be a sting in the eye (if you are choosing one with a sidebar). A full article about sidebars will be written in this design phase within a couple of days.

2) Bad monetization options/spaces

If you want to make money from your blog (in the future), you should concentrate on this point. There are many themes giving options for ads in the sidebar and header. Before you choose one, think if that will damage your blog’s beauty? Try to choose a template looking well with ads.

3) Change in style/CSS

Make sure you have a theme giving you an option to change your CSS or style sheet. In the future, you will need this in things like changing the shape of your widgets (like subscription form etc).

4) Loading time

Look if the template you’ve chosen gives you a quick loading time unlike other beautiful looking themes making your blog load in 10x longer time.

Choosing the theme

While choosing, follow the above-given instructions and try to choose the one which have a basic design relevant to what you have thought. Try to choose a template with relevant color combinations and more options.

WordPress Templates resource:- Free WP Themes

So this was a bit about choosing a theme for your blog. In next article, I will share my knowledge about customizing that theme. Tell me which one you’ve selected by making a comment and subscribe to the newsletter by the form in the sidebar.


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