Great Arts and Crafts Supplies for in the Classroom or Rainy Day Fun

Whether for use in the classroom or at home to help complete homework and various other projects parents often find themselves looking for good arts and crafts supplies for their kids. It is not just for school purposes either.

Many of us can remember whiling away a rainy day making all kinds of things with our own arts and crafts supplies. It helps to keep a basic supply of arts and crafts supplies on hand, but what should that basic supply consist of? Here are some ideas:

Paper – You will, of course, need a good supply of basic drawing paper for which inexpensive copy paper is usually fine. Construction paper in various colors is another must for your arts and crafts supply list. Many stores sell construction paper in large pads rather than single sheets which can make things a little easier to organize. You may also want to purchase some tracing paper and if you have a good printer some t-shirt transfer paper will be a lot of fun for kids to create tither own fashion designs with as well.

Coloring Supplies – Various arts and craft supplies allow kids to add color to their creations in many different ways. Colored pencils and crayons are best for the youngest kids while older children may enjoy experimenting with both poster and oil paints. Markers are of course a must on the arts and crafts supplies list as well by if you can find the washable kind it will probably save you a great deal of time trying to remove stains on laundry day.

Glue – Many projects call for a dab of glue. Glue sticks are an inexpensive and not too messy choice but their sticking power is not always up to the job when it comes to more complicated arts and crafts projects. Do not give young kids super glue type products though as we are sure you can imagine the disasters that could arise from that! Regardless whether you’re homeschooling your kids or that they are in a traditional school, saving on supplies matters!

Fabric Scraps – Small swatches or scraps of fabric can add an extra dimension of fun to various crafts projects and are great to keep on hand amongst your arts and crafts supplies. You should also consider keeping sequins, ribbons and even bendy pipe cleaners and colored drinking straws around as well. Read also: How (not) to take your kids to college.

Shopping for Arts and Crafts Supplies

Two big national chain stores- AC Moore and Michaels – are both great places to shop for all kinds of art and craft supplies and if you watch the newspapers for the generous discount coupons both stores offer on a regular basis you can really save big. See also this post about how to save on homeschool supplies.

When shopping for arts and crafts supplies you should also remember to check your local dollar store. Although the stock rotates a lot, in the average dollar store you can almost always find quite an array of arts and crafts supplies and sometimes you will be amazed at what a dollar can actually get you in these stores.