Jesus Calling {true story}

I never answer my phone, in fact I’m sort of hated known for it. I mean, I’d answer for John Cusack for sure… Rick Springfield… Adam Levine…   It’s a short list.

So imagine my surprise when I was ignoring screening a call yesterday, and my Caller ID’s robotic voice said,  ”Je-sus Chr-ist.”  I looked around at no one there and said, “Did that phone just say Jesus Christ?”  I was curious.

Not curious enough to answer, mind you, but curious.

I forgot about it until later that day when I saw the message light flashing.  There it was:  Jesus Christ (cue angels singing).

Wanting a logical explanation, I did what anyone would do in this situation, and consulted the experts:   Facebook.  Turns out?

I wasn’t the only one who got “the call.”

A BUNCH of people got the call, and one friend?  Called him back.  No way I was doing that.  Jesus and I go way back, and I don’t do confrontation, just ask… anyone, really.

When my friend called, there was a recording that said she’d reached The True Church of  Jesus Christ.

OK, I don’t think he’d choose the 916 area code if he was building the (true) church.  Wouldn’t he go to Hawaii or somewhere a little more temperate?  I feel like he has options.

He’s certainly not calling me from a phonebooth in the rain, I’ll tell you that much.

Or is he?

On the other note,  do know Lavender oil? You should try it!

Five Reasons to try Lavender Oil:

Natural bug repellent
Relieves anxiety
Naturally disinfects/cleansing herb
Reduces headache and joint pain
Reduces depression
A few months ago, I was staying at a friend’s home. Everything about her home was welcoming, especially the bed I stayed in. Not only was it comfy, the sheets smelled fabulous. It wasn’t an overwhelming scent, you wouldn’t even notice unless you were actually in the bed. In fact, it wasn’t until I turned over that I smelled anything at all.

I’ve since learned that the bedding was spritzed with lavender spray. Spray I could make myself at home for pennies. Pennies!

Here’s the recipe, are you ready?

Four drops lavender oil
Ta-Da! That’s it! Mix it up in a small spray bottle and go to town.

You can add a little oomph by placing a cotton ball sprinkled with the lavender oil in the canister of your vacuum. As you vacuum, it will go down into your carpet fibers for a layered scent. Again, it should be subtle and relaxing. If it’s stinky/overpowering, you’re too heavy handed with the oil drops. Less is more.

Oh, and don’t limit yourself to lavender spray — any scented oil will work! Vanilla? Lemon? Peppermint? Ahhh…

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