Your Real Money Online Making Methods

As a long journey starts with a single step, let’s start!

When I first entered the “make money online” industry, I was totally confused as I see so many articles about this topic (we call this information overloaded??). Each article was written in a different way (they are unique!) and most of them was written in details about one particular method so it’s very difficult to have a big picture of the so-called “ you can make money on the Internet”, include facing scammed information as well (so sad…).

Therefore , I will write a series about what I have learnt, step by step, so that you can understand and follow easily if you’re new, or you can just have a good look into this part of the Internet as well.

And this is the first one: (sorry if I talk so much above!)

After days of investigating and studying, I came up with this:

There are thousands of ways for you to earn extra money or even make a living on the Internet.

However, effectively, I put theme into 2 main foundations, that is: with or without having your virtual estate (websites, blogs, forums).

Having at least a website or blog or forum, usually you can monetize it with these programs:

  • 1. Pay-Per-Click (PPC): you put advertising banners or links of advertisers on your site, when someone (not you!) CLICK on them, you get money.
  • 2. Pay-Per-Sale (PPS) or Affiliate programs: you put banners or links on your website, when someone click the banners and BUY the products, you get your commission (no sale, no money).
  • 3. Pay-Per-Lead: this one is similar to PPS, you put banner or links on your site, when people click on them and COMPLETE offers (may free or cost them money), you earn money.
  • 4. Sell your own products or services: absolute! Even one page website could works!

NOTICE: PPS and PPL are usually mentioned as a method called Pay-Per-Action (PPA), when people take an ACTION (buy things or complete offers), you earn commission. I used to misunderstand this as another method and was very confused when it is like PPS and PPL…. Wonder why they are different when having so much similarities…. Oh, all in one!

If you don’t like to create and maintain a blog or website (this work could be a pain sometimes and cost you money) then those methods below could be alternatives for you:

1. Online jobs: become a freelance – finish people tasks to earn money; summit your articles to online article directories; flip websites; flip domain names; play games online (ohhhhh!); be winner in online competitions (hey, this could be a job as well) , trade stuff on online markets, upload things onto websites…. There are more and more jobs out there. After all, the Internet is a world itself, right?!

And the world is so beautiful that’s along with Pay-Per-Action, we have Pay-To-Action (PTA) as well. Those are some:

2. Pay-To-Click (PPC): should be the most well-known here, like PPC above. Instead of leading people to click links, you will be paid to do that! Yes, some websites do offer those and you can earn EASY money, but BE CAREFUL because almost all of them are scam! Easy money is not really easy, right?!( I’m trying some websites and will post the results as soon as possible)

3. Pay-To-Read (PPR) and Pay-To-Surf (PTS): you earn money by reading emails or surfing webs.

4. Pay to complete offers: some companies give you freebies when you finish small things for them (sign up or fill in surveys…), you can sell the freebies for money.

As I said before, here are just small pieces of a big pie. As each way has its own benefits, what is your opinion? Which one you choose?