What diet use these supermodels

There are many supermodel diets out there to try, and we have compiled the best ones into this article. Supermodels tend to be linked with bad press concerning crash dieting and anorexia.

However, there are some sensible diets out there used by many models in order to keep them looking great for the catwalk in a healthy and rational way. These are the ones we will present here.

So rest assured you won’t get an eating disorder from trying these. You won’t make yourself ill or gain more weight when you come back off the diet. These tips are more to do with healthy lifestyles.


Halle Berry is known to be on the ‘little and often’ diet. This consists of swapping the ingestion of three large meals each day for five or six small ones.

This is scientifically proven to raise metabolism and insulin levels which control appetite in a healthy yet effective way.

Eating regularly reduces your levels of hunger, this means that you are not craving food like you would on some diets. You burn food faster and fat too and you can eat a wide variety of food.


Naomi Campbell is rumored to stick to a slightly higher protein intake than the recommended daily allowance. This helps you to feel full after eating. However it is not a good idea to eat a lot of protein as in large amounts you will gain weight – you need to get the right balance.

She no longer consumes alcohol or drugs due to the bad effects it has on her image, body, and weight.


Some celebrities that allegedly to stick to supermodel diet tips are the likes of Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez, and Reese Witherspoon. Each is known for their cardio workout and/or weight resistance regimes which leave them both in great shape and physically fit.